Seminar aus Security - 2021W (183.606)

We will hold the lecture Seminar aus Security (183.606) in 2021W. Current information regarding the lecture is also available via RSS feed.

Moreover, additional information on the lecture can be found in (external link)TISS.

Seminar aus Security provides knowledge in selected topics of IT security in the form of discussions, a comparative literature search and a presentation of the results.

In the seminar particularly the following aspects are relevant:

The papers have to be written in English.

This website is updated continuously.


The (external link)registration is in TISS. Please register for the lecture before October 8, 2021.

Distance Learning

Seminar aus Security will be held remotely via INSO Jitsi. The detailed room information is available in tuwel. You only need a web browser to join the discussion.

We are available if you have questions or want to get in contact with us.


Only the dates which are presented subsequently are authoritative. Please note that these can change exceptionally.

The planned dates for the Seminar aus Security are:

All presentation dates are s.t. if not stated otherwise!



For the Seminar aus Security you can get at most 100 points. Please note that we are sharp on the basic requirements -- for a positive grading you have to use our template, you have to write 5 pages and you have to submit your work before the deadlines.

The grading will be based on

Grading Key

S1 <= 100
U2 < 88
B3 < 75
G4 < 63
N5 < 51


If you have questions which are also relevant for other students please use the tuwel forum which will be available at the beginning of the term. It is also recommended to subscribe to it.

For specific questions please write us an e-mail or visit us during our office hours.

Note on forums: We only answer questions in the TUWEL forum which we provide. Other forums are not actively monitored by us.

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