Welcome to ESSE

ESSE (Establishing Security) is the IT security research team of the research group INSO at TU Wien.

Philosophy - Mission Statement

Violability of our society to information system failure and unauthorized data access is increasing steadily due to an increasing dependency on information technology. However, widely used technologies have not been developed with respect to survivability, robustness and security as well as general safety aspects. Systems have become enormously complex, and retro-fitting of safety and security functions has not proven a target-oriented option. There is an urgent need for changes in operations of infrastructure, adoption of technology production processes as well as detailed security-related requirements for technologies in order to reduce economical and social risks of information technology applications.


We regard ourselves as link between industry and the community of scientific security researchers. Real-life security problems identified from industry projects of the ESSE-Team will be applied to a broad scientific discourse as well as their solutions will be transformed into industrially usable concepts, procedures and tools.

We also have our own CTF team defragmented.brains. Subscribe to our mailing list to join the team.

For Students

If you're interested in practical courses ("Projekte"), a bachelor thesis, a diploma thesis or a thesis please have a look at our currently offered subjects and contact us.

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