IT Security in Large IT Infrastructures - SS2013 (183.633)

We held our lecture IT Security in Large IT Infrastructures (183.633) for different master studies of information science in SS2013.

IT Security in Large IT Infrastructures is a lecture with exercises which concentrates on special aspects of IT security that are relevant for large IT infrastructures (e.g., large IT infrastructures of health telematic networks). As a prerequisite to participate in the lecture you have to know the content of our lecture Introduction to Security. Additionally, it is recommended to have visited the lectures Security for Systems Engineering and Advanced Security for Systems Engineering or to know the contents of these lectures.


The registration was in TISS.

Note: For students of information sciences the admission to our lecture is restricted based on the curricula of these studies. You have to successfully finished the Studieneingangsphase. We are not allowed to issue certificates otherwise. For more information see the (external link)curricula of information sciences.


Only the dates which are presented subsequently are authoritative. Please note that these can change exceptionally.

The lectures are on Fridays, 01.15pm-02.45pm, in the (external link)Hörsaal 14A Günther Feuerstein, if not stated otherwise.

The planned dates for the lectures/test/inspection of the test are:


Note: Our exercises traditionally start at 11.55pm if not stated otherwise.


The test is a closed book test. Therefore, the use of documents at the test is not allowed. The content of the test will be the lectures and exercises.

The first test will be on June 21, 2013 from 13.00--15.00 in the (external link)Hoersaal HS 13 Ernst Melan. A (external link)mandatory registration is needed.

The first additional test will be on October 23, 2013 from 16:00--18:00 in (external link)Hoersaal FH8. A (external link)mandatory registration is needed.

The second additional test will be on November, 7, 2013 from 11:00--13:00 in (external link)Hoersaal 6. A (external link)mandatory registration is needed.

The third additional test will be on December 17, 2013 from 18:00--20:00 in (external link)Hoersaal HS7 Schütte-Lihotzky. A (external link)mandatory registration is needed.


S1  <= 200
U2  < 176
B3  < 151
G4  < 126
N5  < 102

Please note that you can finish the lecture positively only if you are positive in the lecture as well as exercise parts, i.e., you have more than 50 points for the lecture and more than 50 points for the exercises.

Note: Sometimes, your grade is not displayed correctly in tuwel. Therefore, please always compare your grading with our grading table above.


If you have questions which are also relevant for other students please use the TUWEL forum. It is also recommended to subscribe to it. For specific questions please write us an e-mail or visit us during our office hours.

Note on forums: We only answer questions in the TUWEL forum which we provide. Other forums are not actively monitored by us.

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