CTF Contests: Hands-On Experience of the IT Security Culture - 2022S (194.121)

In the summer term 2022 we will organise the UE CTF Contests: Hands-On Experience of the IT Security Culture (194.121) for all students of the TU Wien. Non-TU and external persons are explicitly invited to participate.

Current information regarding the lecture is also available via RSS feed. Get more information on the lecture in (external link)TISS.

In this exercise we will look into CTF competitions commonly found in the IT security community. We will train and compete together in the best and most exciting international contests. Contributions from all skill levels and different backgrounds are welcome, it will be a learning experience for all of us. Active participation is required.

After completion of this course you will have gained an overview of how CTFs are structured, how participating teams are organised, as well as which measures and tools will help you participating. In the course of the exercise we will participate in multiple international competitions as a team. We will specifically prepare for the participation. Structured retrospectives help to get the best pedagogical value from the competitions. Diverse previous knowledge is explicitly desired. A focus of this course is also to learn how a team can cooperate effectively with different individual strengths in a competitive setting.

This website is updated continuously. Until the beginning of the course, further details will be published.

If you are interested in participating, please join the preliminary discussion.


The (external link)registration is in TISS until April 3, 2022.

Distance Learning

For the summer term 2022, TU Wien has planned to have as much face-to-face teaching as possible again. Therefore, we will hold this course in face-to-face format wherever possible. Joining (parts of) our activities online will also be possible.

If this is not possible due to the COVID-19 situation, we will switch to a distance-only format.

Should it be necessary to switch to Distance Learning due to the pandemic, we will let you know in tuwel as soon as possible.


Only the dates which are presented subsequently are authoritative. Please note that these can change exceptionally.

The planned dates for the appointments (Note: changes likely, exact schedule is subject to renegotiation with the participants and changes regarding the international events not under our control) are:

Unless otherwise announced, appointments will take place at 17:00 in (external link)GM2.


The exercise is based on the participation in CTF contests. Participation in following CTFs is planned:

Please note that the competitions listed above are public events. We do not have any influence on the organisation of these events. If it is necessary for this course, the selection of CTFs can be changed at any time.

For receiving a certificate, students have to create and present their solutions in the form of writeups. The grading involves all submitted writeups as well as the presentation of a writeup:

You can reach a maximum of 100 points for the exercise.

In case you have any questions regarding the exercise which are relevant for other students, please use the tuwel forum which will be available at the beginning of the term.

For any other questions please use the available contact options.


S1 <= 100
U2 < 88
B3 < 75
G4 < 63
N5 < 51

Note: Sometimes, your grade is not displayed correctly in tuwel. Therefore, please always compare your grading with our grading table above.


If you have questions which are also relevant for other students please use the forum in tuwel which will be available at the beginning of the term. It is recommended to subscribe to it. For specific questions please write us an e-mail or visit us during our office hours.

Note on forums: We only answer questions in the TUWEL forum which we provide. Other forums are not actively monitored by us.

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