Selected Topics of Digital Forensics I VU - SS2022 (194.065) Lab1

Team size: 2

Start and deadline for this lab: see (external link)tuwel

Exercise interview: No exercise interviews. If submissions are unclear students can be invited for exercise interviews.

Exercise Lab1

This lab is a rolling lab, i.e., there will be new challenges released during the lab. Approximately 2 weeks before lab deadline the last tasks will be released.

In this lab exercise you are going to strengthen and deepen the knowledge prepared for you during the lectures on forensic methods. More specifically, you will gain practice regarding forensic analysis and techniques.

The challenges are on the ESSE Jeopardy CTF website. For every task you solve, you get points which are published at each task description. You can solve as many challenges as you like, but the maximum points for this lab cannot be exceeded.

Tuwel Submission

You must document your findings and submit them in tuwel. Note: Replace TEAM-NUMBER in the following instructions with your own team number.

Create a (zip|gzip|bzip2) compressed archive, lab1_TEAM-NUMBER.(zip|tgz|tar.gz|tbz2|tar.bz2) with the following content:

Please note:

Additional Notes

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