Selected Topics of Digital Forensics I VU - 2022S (194.065) Lab0

Team size: 1

Start and deadline for this lab: see (external link)tuwel

Exercise interview: No exercise interviews. If submissions are unclear students can be invited for exercise interviews.


The goal of this lab is to gain experience with basic forensics, especially analyzing files and folder structures.

Specification Lab0

Download your personal assignment for this exercise at the link which is provided in (external link)tuwel.

Analyze the files and folders in the downloaded archive in order to find the answer to the following question: What is the oddest prime? (No, it is not "2").

Create your submission document as described below and upload the text document, with the name *.txt via tuwel.
You can name your submission document like you want.


Please keep in mind that this lab is relatively short. Do not deduce the effort of later labs from lab0.

Additional Notes

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