IT Security in Large IT Infrastructures VU - SS2021 (183.633) Lab1

Team size: 3

Start and deadline for this lab: see (external link)tuwel

Exercise interview: No exercise interviews. If submissions are unclear students can be invited for exercise interviews.


You must solve various security exercises. For every task you solve, you get points which are published at each task description. Mandatory challenges are marked with '*' and must be solved. Additionally you can solve optional challenges to reach a maximum of 50 points. It is not possible to replace a mandatory task with an optional task. If your team solved more challenges as needed, the mandatory challenges plus a random set of the solved optional challenges will be taken for the exercise interview and grading.

Connect via SSH with your credentials from lab0 to (Port 65535), there you will find the credentials needed for the above link.

Tuwel Submission

You must document your findings and submit them in tuwel. Note: Replace TEAM-NUMBER in the following instructions with your own team number which you can find in your home directory.

Create a (zip|gzip|bzip2) compressed archive, lab1_TEAM-NUMBER.(zip|tgz|tar.gz|tbz2|tar.bz2) with the following content:

Please note:

Additional Notes

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