Advanced Security for Systems Engineering VU - WS2018 (183.645) Lab2

Team size: 3
Start and deadline for this lab: see (external link)tuwel

Exercise interview: see (external link)tuwel


You must solve various security exercises. For every task you solve, you are awarded the points shown in the task descriptions. Mandatory challenges are marked with '*' and must be solved. The difference to 50 points can be obtained by solving free challenges. If your team solved more challenges as needed, the mandatory challenges plus a random set of solved free challenges will be considered for the exercise interview and grading.

Connect via SSH with your credentials from lab0 to (Port 20000), there you will find the credentials needed for the above link.
Please note, there are updates of TEAMDATA and README files (lab0 account), e.g. the username needed for this lab stands in TEAMDATA file and is different from previous labs.

When a task has been solved by a team, this does not mean that this task is no longer available to you. All tasks are independently solvable by the teams.

Tuwel Submission

You must document your findings and submit them in tuwel. Note: Replace TEAM-NUMBER in the following instructions with your own team number which you can find in your home directory.

Create a (zip|gzip|bzip2) compressed tar archive, lab2_TEAM-NUMBER.(zip|tgz|tbz2) with the following content.

Please note:

Additional Notes

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